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Using Tech to boost the customer experience in Türkiye

AgeSA launches first video call service for hearing impaired customers

Developments in Tech and Data are making a difference to the customer experience. And in some cases, the solution is a highly practical one, increasing AgeSA’s accessibility. In 2022, through the AgeSA Mobile App, a special service called Blindlook was successfully launched to enrich the experience of visually impaired customers. 

Using Tech to boost the customer experience in Türkiye

Following the success of this initiative, AgeSA this year took the concept a step further. And in 2023, within the parameters of a new version of the AgeSA Mobile App, a special video call service was launched for hearing-impaired users which represents a first in the sector. 

Certified sign language consultants can communicate with customers on every subject with just one click. As well, AgeSA has also begun a video fund consultancy service aimed at customers in the affluent segment. This service will overtime be expanded and made available to all AgeSA customers. 

In just under 2 months since the launch of our mobile application’s video call feature, we’ve made a significant impact, swiftly addressing over a hundred service requests from our hearing-impaired customers. This service has not only provided essential support but has also high praise, with users rating the service 4.8 over 5. This rapid success underscores the feature’s importance in promoting inclusivity and delivering exceptional user experiences. 

In the past year AgeSA also threw its weight behind a social impact initiative that gave a voice to the books of an online library with a view to helping visually impaired people to better benefit from these library resources which are part of the heritage of societies. Inclusivity, accessibility, and connectivity all matter to AgeSA.