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The creation of health ecosystems becoming a reality

Through Impact24, we constantly look to expand to adjacent businesses where we can offer customers a broader range of services, such as in healthcare. That is why we’ve been scaling up our efforts across the Group, inspired by the success we have enjoyed in markets like Portugal, considered as a Centre of Excellence thanks to the experience of worldclass health insurer Médis. 

The creation of health ecosystems becoming a reality

Upskilling our health practitioners with new insights

The rich experience amassed over the years through Ageas Portugal and also AG in Belgium, where group insurance contracts are enriched with healthcare services, is extensive. To fully leverage this experience requires an open approach to knowledge sharing, which has been accelerated through the launch of a special Talent Acceleration Programme. This programme facilitates the transfer of knowledge about topics across the health insurance value chain and related healthcare services. Through custom-made offline and online programmes, Médis has created a true immersive learning experience for dozens of health care practitioners from across the Group. And a special Health Forum took place to share best practices on building a health ecosystem to create a new value proposition from payer to partner, providing value-add healthcare services as well as improving operational excellence. 

Uplifting the healthcare journey with the right tools

To support customers in their healthcare journey, we need to provide them with access to the best tools. If these have already been well tested in one market, the model can more easily be exported to other markets, reducing costs and increasing our speed to market. That was the rationale for our decision to partner with Infermedica, a leading global medical guidance platform, that allows our different operating entities around the world to launch an AI-enabled symptom checker at a preferential rate and without the need to reinvent the wheel. 

For several years already, Médis has been using Infermedica’s platform to offer users a screening tool to check their symptoms, with their nurses able to triage incoming calls from customers needing health assistance. Today, the service is used on average 1,700 times per month by clients. The benefits of this service include a convenient way for customers to receive fast guidance on the right kind of care based on their symptoms, avoiding an unnecessary wait in emergency rooms and ensuring consistency for our nurses. It is powered by AI and supported by medical experts to reach an 85% triage accuracy. Thanks to the group contract, symptom checker is now being launched to customers in Belgium too.