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AgeSA doubles size of Direct Sales force in move to boost face-to-face sales

AgeSA benefits from what is today the largest direct sales team in Türkiye, with a sales force that makes face-to-face sales in the comfort of the customer’s home. The Direct Sales Force works side by side with customers to assess their long-term financial situation. And the channel is very much in expansion mode. AgeSA’s ambition to grow required a major recruitment effort in 2023.

AgeSA doubles size of Direct Sales force in move to boost face-to-face sales

AgeSA used its digital channels to launch recruitment campaigns through various digital channels including social media posts, digital advertising, and through collaborations with influencers. And the marketing outreach programme was also extended to universities where a brand ambassador programme was launched. The reach is nationwide and well beyond the big cities. 

In the past year, the sales force has doubled to more than 700 made up of sales and branch managers and regional managers. The intention is to increase this number to 1,000 by the end of 2025. 

While the idea of a direct sales force may seem at odds with trends around the world that show increasing digital sales, this is not necessarily the case in Türkiye. While delivering digitally is also on the increase in Türkiye, financial literacy in the country is still exceptionally low and certain products can seem complex to some. Financial education is particularly important and the potential to speak to a real human being is still highly attractive. Playing the role of consultant, the direct sales force advises customers and assists them in applying for products. That part of the process remains fully digital with transactions completed via the mobile app or through other devices with the help of a consultant if necessary.