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Ageing is less of a challenge but more of an opportunity!

When Grupo Ageas Portugal thinks about Ageing they do so through a different lens to many. In aiming to be the reference point for Ageing in Portugal, the company created a focused and innovative approach that addresses the specific needs of this segment. And a brand-new concept – Mais idade Mais, translated as More Age More was born. 

Ageing is less of a challenge but more of an opportunity!

As the saying goes…”Ageing is not lost youth, but a new stage of opportunity and strength.” Grupo Ageas Portugal recognised that opportunity and the need to empower individuals by promoting a positive approach to ageing through the different stages of life. The aim is to dignify old age and give it the recognition it deserves: more life for older age but also more experience, more sharing, more content, more inspiration. 

The new rationale and concept launched in 2023 adopts a full integrated approach with solutions designed for each layer of ageing including relevant insurance products and services, and beyond insurance and social initiatives that provide solutions across four areas: Health, Wellbeing, Income and Protection. 

Through ‘more Age more Health’ – customers gain access to a range of special health services;’ more Age more Wellbeing’ seeks to support and promote quality of life; ‘more Age more Income’ focuses specifically on savings and asset appreciation; and ‘more Age more Protection’ discusses recovery from unforeseen events. 

This concept is also extended to the internal population to increase internal awareness and literacy around the topic. 

To increase awareness and to drive home the association of Grupo Ageas Portugal with the topic – a range of special events were organised including two special conferences that attracted big audiences. A live audience of 500 were joined by a further 1,200 choosing to livestream, with a digital reach of more than 4 million and social media reach of more than 360,000. The concept was as far away from traditional as can be imaged. The goal was to discuss the topic in a light-hearted and relaxed way by combining an activity associated with leisure and culture with an event for conversation and exchange of ideas. The result was a two-act theatre play which was also broadcast on TV News reaching close to 2 million people. 

Face to face conversations with the media were organised with healthcare, nutrition and financial support experts allowing stories but also tips to be shared. There is one certainty – everyone will eventually age. Grupo Ageas Portugal is there as a supporter of life when their customers do.