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AG rated one of the most sustainable companies in the world

International rating agency EcoVadis has awarded AG a gold sustainability label for the first time in 2023, positioning it among the 5% best performing companies in the world in the field of sustainable and socially responsible entrepreneurship. 

AG rated one of the most sustainable companies in the world

Sustainability has become an essential component in modern-day business management, and for AG, it sits at the heart of its decision making. Moreover, AG’s customers and partners are giving increasing importance to the company’s sustainability performance and ratings, just as AG takes sustainability factors into account when choosing suppliers, partners and investments. Sustainability ratings such as those from EcoVadis provide an objective basis for comparison with peers. And in the case of EcoVadis, this extends to more than 100,000 companies worldwide across 200 sectors and 175 countries. Companies are rated against four core themes: the environment, labour and human rights, ethics, and sustainable purchasing policies.

AG’s high scores reflect among other things its ethical business operations and modern HR policy. It focuses heavily on employee development and the balance between work and private life. In 2022, AG also established an action plan to better integrate diversity, equity and inclusion into daily activities. One example of this plan in action was the launch of the AG College, offering people without a higher education diploma the opportunity to work at a bachelor's level after six months of intensive internal training.

AG also scores well for its environmental policy. With 880 solar panels on its buildings, a carbon-neutral AG Campus, a major renovation project to reduce the energy consumption of its office buildings by 60% by 2027, and the transition to 100% green commercial vehicles by 2026, the company is already well on its way to reducing its carbon footprint.

Looking to the future with confidence

In 2024, as AG celebrates 200 years of existence, it will look back on the legacy it has created. But at the same time, it is a moment to look forward with hope and high expectations that as a group we are well positioned to make a meaningful and sustainable contribution to society in the years that follow.