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AG in Belgium transitions from insurance provider to fully-fledged Healthcare Partner

As the leading provider in the Employee Benefits space in Belgium, AG has gained a reputation over the years for its innovative forward-looking approach to managing employee benefits programmes, with constant improvements to its offering.

AG in Belgium transitions from insurance provider to fully-fledged Healthcare Partner

From its Return-to-Work programme to promote reintegration after occupational incapacity due to mental illness, to the launch of AG Health Partner, supporting companies in developing a global prevention approach back in 2019. 

Groundbreaking one-stop solution for employees

This year AG used everything it has learned, adding a holistic view, to launch the MyAG Employee Benefits app. This is the only platform on the Belgian market that bundles all benefits into one place, healthcare, guaranteed income and complementary pension in real time. 

In addition to the functionalities that were already available on the existing platform, the new app offers employees the clearest view of their contracts and guarantees enjoyed through group insurances 24/7. 

Employees can also benefit from access to a range of consultation services depending on their contract. 

Through My Mind by AG, AG’s corporate customers can make a range of mental health services, including phone assistance, accessible to their employees free of charge. This service is included in several health insurances and in the collective pension and income guarantee plans. 

In 2024 AG will introduce My Mind Premium, a service that provides access to self-care programmes, personalised recommendations, and connects employees to a diverse network of multidisciplinary healthcare professionals.

Through My Care by AG, members of a Hospitalisation, Outpatient Costs or Dental Care insurances can also gain access to a video consultation with a Belgian general practitioner.

Affiliates can also enjoy discounts through My Benefits from several AG healthcare partners, designed to promote good health and wellbeing practices in a cost-efficient way. Partners include Lapperre, Lensonline, Newpharma, Pearle and Skindr. 

Bridging the gap: a response to trends and evolutions

These initiatives are a response to the trends seen in healthcare, such as the increasing difficulty of accessing healthcare providers and longer waiting times. 

As an insurer, AG would traditionally have intervened when care has been administered and an invoice requires settlement. But thanks to its strong market position, AG also has a lot of experience, data, and contacts to bring to the party including in the field of prevention and mental healthcare. The role of insurance provider is moving more towards AG as a healthcare partner.